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Charles Eisenstein über die Brände im Regenwald

Aktualisiert: 8. Sept 2019

Amazon Rainforest Fires – Avoid This Trap

Like a lot of people I've been really deeply affected by what's happening in the Amazon rainforest here in August 2019, as the red line of logging and fires, many of them set deliberately to clear land for soybean plantations and cattle plantations and sugar cane. That red line encroaches deeper and deeper into what should be the heart of the Amazon rainforest. As indigenous people are getting suppressed, and protected lands are getting logged and destroyed, I feel these waves of helplessness. The grief is so strong. What do I do with that energy?

Hier der Artikel von Charles Eisenstein:


Hier auch der Link zu seinem Beitrag, der mir die letzen Tage sehr geholfen hat auf YouTube:


Seine Website: https://charleseisenstein.org/

Charles Eisenstein bietet den Großteil seiner Arbeit kostenlos an und nimmt aber Spenden. Er ist von Beruf Philosoph.

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